Realized projects in the area of investment design

2011 Emergency Mechanized Renewal of the Railway in the Interstation Section Bov – Lakatnik

Employer: SE “TCR”/ SE “NRIC”

Completed: Stage 1 – Preparation of detailed design
In implementation: Stage 2 – Execution of Site supervision, preparation of as-built documentation and cadastre survey of the executed construction

2011 Development of Technical Design for Building a new Railway Level crossing on km 5+243 in the Interstation Post 12 - Rousse West

Contracting Authority: Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company

2009-2011 Technical Assistance for Development of Sofia Railway Junction. Feasibility Study and Options for Modernization and Development of Preliminary Design for the Development of Sofia Railway Junction.

Contracting Authority: MTITC

2009-2010 Technical Assistance for the Construction of an Intermodal Terminal in South Central Planning Region of Bulgaria - Plovdiv.

Contracting Authority: NRIC

Stage 1 - Preparation of needs assessment and determination of construction site
Stage 2 - Preparation of financial and economic CBA (of costs-benefits- analysis)
Stage 3 - Preparation of preliminary design for the construction of an intermodal terminal in Plovdiv
Stage 4 - Analysis of opportunities and development of strategie for public-private partnerships for construction and operation of an intermodal terminal in Plovdiv
Stage 5 - Preparation of procurement strategy and tender documentation

2009-2010 Development of Study and Preliminary Design for the Railroad Kichevo - border with Republic of Albania, part of Corridor 8 ".

Contracting Authority: Eurotransproject Ltd., Macedonian Railways - Infrastructure - Skopie

Development of preliminary study

2009-2010 Technical Assistance for Restoration of the Design Parameters of the Railway Line Rousse - Varna.

Contracting Authority: Eurotransproject Ltd., NRIC

Study and planning of parts "Surveying" and "Railway" in railway sections from km 28+500 to km 64+000 in 9th main railway line and from km 488+500 to km 510 +000 in the 2nd main railway line.
Investigation of the current situation of the buildings (excluding residential buildings and buildings on TPC and SP).

2009 Study and Planning in Phase "Preliminary Design" of in Part "Railway" in Connection with the Expansion of the Production Base of "Promet Steel" JSC.

Employer: "Promet Steel" JSC

2008-2010 Overhaul of Tunnel № 3 from km 56 +500 to 59 +740 km in the Interstation Kamartsi - Mirkovo in the 3rd Main Railway Line Sofia - Karlovo – Zimnitsa

Contracting Authority: Consortium „RRE Koehne – Eurotransproject – Thyssen Krupp”, NRIC

section "Electrical power and lighting"
section "Geodesy"
section "Iron Road"

2006 Design of a new perimeter road at the northwest and southwest side of the Sofia Airport JSC and a service road for SOT to business and technical parking place to taxiway "S"

Contracting Authority: SK-13 PUTSTROI JSC – Pernik/Sofia Airport JSC

Parts: Engineer Geological Survey, Geodesy, Roads, Traffic organization, Safety and Health Plan

2006 Technical design for site: Terminal (freight ramp) in Railway Station Zimnitsa, Straldzha Municipality, Yambol Province

Contracting Authority: State Enterprise "Transport Construction and Rehabilitation"

The design is developed in collaboration with Transsystem Ltd. in consortium Viabulgarica. Developed are parts Geodesy, Geotechnical Survey and Hydrogeology, Railway, Constructiоnal, Safety and Health Plan.

2005 – 2006 Technical design for site: Railway level crossing at km 1+085 in interstation section Simeonovgrad - Nova Zagora

Contracting Authority: Simeonovgrad Municipality

Developed is a technical design for parts: Terrain Planning and Tracing Plan; Road Approach and Level Crossing Covering; Signaling system; Safety and Health Plan.

2006 – Development of feasibility study and technical project for reconstruction of the state road from the crossroad to Bankya village on the road Breznik – Tran, to Bankya village itself

Contracting Authority: Tran Municipality

2005 Project solutions for site: Carrying out of repair works in sections along the permanent way and in tunnel No.1 in the section Mihailovo – Dimitrovgrad, north along 4th railway line from km 10+650 to km 29+300

Contracting authority: NRIC, PEPZHI Stara Zagora

Railway section Mihailovo – Dimitrovgrad north along 4th railway line.

2004 – 2005 Engineering project for the site: Mechanized renovation of railway line at Tserkovski station and the interstation Straldga – Tserkovski and Tserkovski – Karnobat as per current road No. 1 from km 217+210 to km 232+250 and per current way No. 2 from km 218+586 to km 232 + 000

Contracting authority: NRIC, PEPZHI Burgas

Developed are: the engineer geological and hydro geological reports; part Geodesy, project for optimization of the permanent way by axis and level, project for drainage and strengthening of the earth bed; project for repairs and construction of artificial installations; Project for fire precautionary water supply of Tserkovski station from km 218+722 to km 220 + 472; feasibility study for speed 160 km/h in the section Tserkovski – Karnobat; part Catenary network; temporary benchmarking – Road 1 and Road 2; temporary organization of traffic – crossing at km 219+128, Parts Telecommunications, Electric, Safety Equipment.

2003 – 2005 Expansion of the Burgas harbor – Part Permanent Way                 

Contracting authority: NRIC / Penta-Ocean/ Mitsubishi

The project was developed together with Transsystem Ltd. in consortium Viabulgarika. It includes a geodesy imagery, design and executive documentation.

2003 – 2004 Engineering project for the mechanized renovation of the permanent way in the interstation Kaloyanovets – Mihaylovo and the stations Mihaylovo and Kaloyanovets in the km 80+800 to km 93+500

Contracting authority: NRIC, PEPZHI Stara Zagora

1999-2002 Site PHARE LSIF BG9811-01”Renovation of the railway lines in Bulgaria”, railway lines along eight railway line Zimnitsa – Straldzha from km 199+253 to km 205+542 (6.3 km double permanent way), Straldzha – Tserkovski (12.5 km double permanent way)

Contracting authority: ZhS Barno

The site is part of the rehabilitation program of NRIC and is finances by a gratuitous grant under the PHARE “Wide scope infrastructure projects” program, as per the signed between the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria Financial memorandum. An engineering project has been developed for all parts, executive documentation drawn up and site supervised during construction. In the section Vakarel – Verinsko a project was developed for replacing the top construction of a bridge at 45+192 and project for the strengthening of an embankment at km 40+100 to km 41+100.

1999 – 2000 Mechanized renovation of the permanent way in the interstation Mezdra iztok – Strupets – Roman and Roman – Kupino – Karlukovo along second railway line from km 89+233 to km 124+156

Contracting authority: BDZ, RW Section Vratsa

Developed are a project for the repair works done on the permanent way by axis and level and benchmarking of 36.02 km double permanent way in the section Mezdra iztok – Karlukovo, situational plan with a model of the terrain over an area of 280 hec., including the stations Mezdra Iztok, Strupets, Roman, Kunino and Karlukovo, over which the servitudes for the agricultural lands in proximity of the railway line were marked, projects for the installations of el. economy in the interstation Roman – Kunino and station Roman. A project for the strengthening and drainage of the earth bed with 1400 cross-section profiles and projects for the construction of new support walls and strengthening of trenches, for new drains and repair works on railway crossings, quantity bills, specification of materials, executives. Supervision carried out in the period 2003 – 2006, during construction on site.