Transgeo Ltd. is a specialized company providing engineering and consulting services. The company’s scope of activities is:
  • investment design in the fields of railway lines, railway stations, roads and buildings;
  • cadastre and geodesy;
  • consulting services in the interpretation and implementation of the Law on Territory Planning – assessment on the compliance of the investment projects and construction control;
  • specialized software:
    TGRAIL - Rail way design
    - Creating of Cadastral and Specialized Maps
Since its establishment 1992 till today, Transgeo Ltd. has proven itself to be a stable and reliable organization, showing no compromise in the pursuit of quality with a team of excellent specialists and a modern and up to date material and technical base.

TRANSGEO Ltd. works on an Integrated Management System according to the Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, with the following scope:

Investment Design, Cadastre and Geodesy, Consultancy in the sense of Law on Territory Planning, development of specialized applications.

Management policies of
Transgeo Ltd.