In its role as a consultant in the application and interpretation of the Law on Territory Planning, with License No. – 000133/14.07.2004, Transgeo Ltd. provides the following services:
  • Preparation of complex assessment reports for the compliance of the investment project with the essential requirements towards construction sides, assistance with compliance of the project documentation with the controlling authorities requirements and receiving construction authorization.
  • Conducting construction supervision of the site, with special attention for:
  •    » legal and authorized commencement of construction;
  •    » thoroughness in compiling the acts and protocols during the construction       works;
  •    » following of the approved investment project;
  •    » control over meeting the requirements for work safety during construction;
  •    » preservation of the environment and not allowing damage to third parties and       properties as a result of the construction;
  •    » seeing that all materials used are of high quality;
  •    » assessment that a site is ready to be put into operation;
  •    » successfully putting a site into operation by drawing the technical passport of       the construction site and the required documentation for issuing a permit;