Employer: National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC), Bulgaria
Period: November 2008 – September 2010

Project goals:

Permanent solutions to problems with gauge, weak foundation, structural damage from compromised waterproofing.

Scope of the project:

Transgeo was responsible for the overall management of the designing works as a subcontractor in Consortium RVP Koehne – Eurotransproject - ThyssenKrupp for designing works in an engineering contract. Transgeo carried out the following activities in the scope of each of the project’s stages:


Stage I - Analysis
  • Full geodetic measurement of the profile of the tunnel and the adjacent facilities (railway track, catenary, safety niches);
Stage II – Design (Preliminary and Technical design)
  • Gauge analysis and railway design - implementation of an innovative ballast-free construction for the railway track (Y steel sleepers onto asphalt-concrete basis);
Stage III – Execution of construction and repair works
  • Geodetic activities providing three-shift operation mode;
  • Author’s supervision and execution of an as-built documentation;
  • Chainage and benchmarking of the track;