Employer: Ministry of transport, communications and information technologies, Bulgaria
Period: September 2009 – November 2010

Project goals:

Optimization of the existing infrastructure related to the safety of the railway network and improvement of the operational railway line process in the region of Sofia city according to the European standards and transport policy.

Scope of the project:

As a partner in the Consortium Eurotransproject Group, Transgeo Ltd performed in the phases of the project Preliminary study and development of variations and in phase Preliminary design for the following parts:

  • Part Railway;
  • Analysis of the buildings and preparation of technical passports;
  • Part Buildings.
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure and developing variants in the preliminary study phase;
  • Preliminary design for the railway sections: Birimirtsi station; between Birimirtsi station – Poduene distributive station east region; between stations PDT West - Birimirtsi;