General meeting of BACCRC - 04.02.2010

<b>Общо събрание на БАКФЖС</b>On 04.02.2010 is held the annual general meeting of BACCRC.

     Admitted to membership are the companies "TIPSA" Ltd. and "ELSI CONSULT" Ltd.
     A Management board is chosen with new two-year term.
     The general meeting elected Dipl.-Eng. Toma Yotsov - Managing director of the Sole Proprietorship "TRAPS-Toma Yotsov” for chairperson of the Management board, Dipl.-Eng. Sevdalin Valnarov - Managing director of "RUBIKON ENGINEERING" Ltd. and Dipl.-Eng. Iliya Iliev – Managing director of TRANSGEO Ltd. for deputy chairmen.