45 years VSTC "Arch.Y. Milanov" Pernik

45 г. ПГТС "Арх.Й.Миланов" Перник Even in a period of economic crisis, Transgeo Ltd. keeps faith with its politics for support of the young people development participating in a project performance on a national program "Modernization of the system for vocational education".
TRANSGEO Ltd. donated 35 100 leva as a 50% co-financing on the project of the Vocational school for technics and construction "Arch. Yordan Milanov"  Pernik, as it provided the complete equipment for the new modern furnished geodesy room - geodetic techniques, computers connected to a local area network, specialized software, multimedia.
     On the day of the constructor - 26.10.2010 the VSTC „Arch. Yordan Milanov” Pernik solemnly celebrated 45 years since its establishment. The Deputy Minister of Education Milena Damyanova opened the renewed building, part of which is the new geodesy room, too.