Employer: National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC), Bulgaria
Period: January 2012 – May 2016

Scope of activities:

The project “Reconstruction and electrification of Plovdiv-Svilengrad railway line, Phase 4.2. Reconstruction and electrification of Harmanli – Svilengrad railway section (from km 266+000 along Simeonovgrad – Harmanli interstation to km 297+750 along Svilengrad –Turkish border interstation), including Harmanli and Svilengrad stations together and all stations and halts between them with approximate track length of 34 km and rehabilitation and electrification of Svilengrad – Greek border railway line with approximate track length of 4 km” (Corridors IV and X – Branch C) includes the following activities:

  • Creating a Work Geodetic Foundation;
  • Geodetic survey of the route in the lane necessary for the design and development of a geodetic plan;
  • Developing a partial amendment of the Regulation Plan (PARP) – Lyubimets city;
  • Plan scheme for vertical planning and communication-transportation plan;
  • Preparation of as-build documentation;
  • Technical documentation for a certificate under Art. 54a of the Law regarding the cadaster and the property register (LKPRLCPR).