Employer: National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC), Bulgaria
Period: August 2013 – October 2017

Project goals:

Rehabilitation of the station complex of Sofia Central Station and the adjoining facilities, architectural renovation of the main building and provision of accessible environment in accordance with the TSI.

Scope of the project:
  • Administration of the design and build contract;
  • Perform the functions of overall control over the execution of the design and build contract on behalf of the Employer;
  • Assessment of the compliance of the investment project with the essential requirements for the construction works;
  • Supervision during the construction and assembly works according to the requirements of the Law on spatial planning (LSP);
  • Supervision of the construction products during the assessment of the compliance of the investment projects and construction supervision;
  • Performing the role of Health and Safety coordinator within the meaning of Regulation № 2 from 22.03.2004 on minimum requirements for health and safety in carrying out construction works;
  • Update of technical passports for the main building and central station Sofia after completion of construction and assembly works for the construction of "Rehabilitation of the station complex of Central Station Sofia";
In the position of a partner in consortium DZZD "TRT”, Transgeo Ltd. performed overall management and administration of the contract throughout the entire period of the contract, as well as participation in all of the activities in the contract.