The contract for Elin Pelin-Ihtiman has started

Подписване на договора Елин Пелин - Ихтиман
On 30.01.2015 at the SE NRIC premises on behalf of the ELIH Company, established under the Obligations and Contracts Act (COCA), Dipl. Eng. Milena Ilieva, a Procurator of TRANSGEO Ltd., and a representative of the Consortium, signed the contract on Project: „Preparation of a Detailed Development Plan and Technical Designs for Project: “Modernisation of Sofia-Plovdiv railway line: Sofia-Elin Pelin and Elin Pelin-Septemvri railway sections”, for Lot 2 -  Elin Pelin-Ihtiman section.

The Contract value is 10 230 000 BGN without VAT, and partners in the Consortium are TRANSGEO Ltd., HTG INGENIEURBÜRO GmbH, SWECO ENERGOPROEKT JSC., KRAMP ENGINEERING Ltd. and ITM PROJECT Ltd.

The period for the contract implementation is 12 months.

 The railway line Sofia-Plovdiv is part of Corridor ІV as per Regulation of EU No 1315/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2013 on Union guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network. As such, the modernisation of the railway line is among the priority projects of Operational Programme on Transport 2007 - 2013.

By the project “Modernisation of Sofia-Plovdiv railway line: Sofia-Elin Pelin and Elin Pelin-Septemvri railway sections” will be solved one of the most problematic sections of the Trans-European network in South-eastern Europe, located on the most direct connection between the Western and Central Europe with the Middle East and Asia through the newly constructed tunnel under Bosphorus. There will be given a possibility for qualitative railway connection between the cities Ankara, Istanbul, and Sofia with the other capitals of the European Union (EU) member-states. The Sofia-Plovdiv railway line is among the most important railway connections in the country of significant regional, economic, and strategic importance as a line, which connects one of the biggest industrial hubs – Sofia with Plovdiv, Burgas, Stara Zagora and all the south-eastern Bulgaria.

For the aims of modernisation, the Sofia-Septemvri railway line is divided in three sections regarding the technical design, as the participant COCA ELIH has chosen the second from Elin Pelin to Ihtiman,which starts from the entrance switch No 2 at Elin Pelin station, situated on new km 22+849 (existed km 23+112), measured along Track I. The end of the section is new km 53+400 (measured on Track I), located before the entrance filler at Ihtiman station.